Sunday, December 17, 2017


Daniel Llewelyn-Williams in A REGULAR LITTLE HOUDINI.  Photo by Sheri Bankes.
The Christmas season - traditionally a time of hope, dreams and magic - well may be the very best time to stage a play like A Regular Little Houdini, currently enjoying its New York premiere at 59E59 Theaters.  Written and performed by the very appealing and multi-talented David Llewelyn-Williams, the play explores the world of Alan John Williams, the young son of a Welsh dockworker, who aspired to escape his working class background and emulate his hero, Harry Houdini, by creating for himself an alternative life of magic, liberation and “amazements.”

David Llewelyn-Williams delivers a strong performance as Alan John Williams (and of the rest of his family to boot), dealing not only with Harry Houdini’s (and Alan’s) magical and escapist escapades but also with the most serious issues of life, death and survival.  In addition, however, he has sprinkled his performance with delightful bits of sleight-of-hand and other legerdemain that lighten the mood and never fail to entertain.  

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