Sunday, August 8, 2010

Broadway on the Hudson: Beauty and the Beast

Today I had the pleasure of seeing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr., a Broadway on the Hudson production, at the Riverside Y. With a cast and company of more than 40 talented kids, ranging in age from six to fourteen, this delightful musical provided me with a wonderful afternoon’s entertainment.

I was somewhat surprised to see Joseph Lieberman, the Independent-Democratic Senator from Connecticut and former candidate for Vice President of the United States, in the audience, suggesting that this theatrical production was important enough to justify his taking time off from his Congressional responsibilities. But then I realized that of course it was, since he had come to kvell over the performance of his granddaughter, Eden – just as I had come to kvell over the performance of my granddaughter, Naomi Hornik.

And kvell I did, and justifiably so, because Naomi’s performance as the Hat Seller was (if I do say so myself with grandfatherly pride) just perfect! Congratulations, Naomi, on a terrific performance and congratulations, too, to all the other members of the cast and company who made this such a memorable experience. I look forward to seeing your next show in 2011.

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